Much more than a mere formality or company tradition, the annual report is an essential document that offers a clear and detailed perspective on a company's development and performance. It outlines the company's achievements, objectives and challenges over the past year. But more than that, it's a way of attracting and standing out from the crowd. Writing an activity report enables a company to take stock of its current situation. It is not only an instrument for collective reflection, but also a decision-making tool for the company's employees, managers and executives. By highlighting the organization's values and philosophy, it offers a number of advantages and meets a variety of objectives.

Communicate the company's seriousness and financial health

Business reports act as communication bridges between the company and its stakeholders. They enable shareholders, investors, creditors, business partners, customers and employees to understand what's going on within the company. By sharing transparent and accurate information on the company's financial, operational and strategic performance, an activity report strengthens the corporate credibility with crucial contacts. Internally, it can be a powerful management tool. It enables managers and employees to monitor progress against targets, identify areas for improvement and better coordinate efforts to achieve corporate objectives.

Transparent presentation of the year's actions

Transparency has become a key element in the corporate reputation. Writing an activity report shows that the company is prepared to be transparent about its performance. This reinforces public confidence and can alleviate questions. By detailing objectives, achievements and potential challenges, the activity report makes the company more accountable for its actions.

Considering future prospects

An activity report provides a means of measuring and evaluating company performance over a given period. It enables results to be compared with objectives, and trends, successes and failures to be identified. This evaluation is essential for adjusting future strategies and action plans to optimize company performance.

Valuing teamwork and involving employees

Accurately reporting on the year's activities enables you to reward the work and commitment of our teams. Involving every employee, the activity report becomes a relational tool. A source of pride, it gives meaning to day-to-day operations and unites employees around a shared ambition. Drawn up in close collaboration with the company's management, the drafting of a report requires a great deal of expertise. collaborative work (editorial committee) to identify topics and select resource persons. To guarantee a consistent editorial line, it's best to choose a single editor, who is responsible for collecting data, conducting interviews, processing information in a relevant way (infographics, commented photos, etc.) and writing calibrated content.

Capturing attention and seducing your audience

A well-crafted and well-written business report can also be a valuable powerful marketing toolIt's the perfect way to highlight the company's history and spirit. To stand out from the competition, its form and content must be particularly meticulous. To achieve this, it's essential to define targets, objectives, themes, headings and format in advance. This is what will guide the editorial line, as well as the graphic identity of the document. For arousing curiosity and make the reader want to turn the pages, the cover is a determining factor. An airy layout, with well-chosen visuals, also encourages reading, which is why it's a good idea to call in the professionals. Its content must also be optimized: choice of punchy headings, creation of châpos and intertitles, use of key words to orient the reader... The aim is to make the document as dynamic and digestible as possible, but also to instill rhythm and make it easier to read.

Discover MEG's 2022 activity report

Consult the MEG 2022 business reportthe Musée d'Ethnographie in Geneva! Texto is particularly proud to have collaborated with this institution on this new edition. Our agency's mission was to design and produce the graphic layout, the page layout (76 pages), the collection of texts, captions, images and illustrations from contributors, as well as the smoothing and correction of texts for greater editorial homogeneity. The Texto agency is delighted to advising and supporting companies and organizations who wish to embark on the exciting adventure of producing an activity report. We have all the in-house skills needed to design and write an activity report from A to Z. Calling on its know-how is an investment that can have a significant impact on a company's success and longevity!